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When you purchase a Log Cabin no matter what sort it may be, where you buy it from or how much it costs, it will be delivered to you in the same form as all Log Cabins are essentially Log Cabin Kits. These Kits consist of all the parts needed to be able to build the cabin.

Good Log Cabins should consist of the following-

The floor should have pressure treated bearers with floor boards that are layed on top of these which are should be T & G timber of a suitable thickness to support the people or things that will be inside the building (it is worth checking before you buy a cabin the thickness of the floor boards and make sure the bearers are treated). The main structure is made up of wall logs (various thicknesses are available see wall logs) that slot together or interlock on the ends with grooves on the bottom and tongues on the top. Purlins are then placed on or slooted into the wall logs to take the roof boards which are again normally T & G  planed timber. However not all Log Cabin Kits are the same so be sure to check what is used on the roof and the quality and thickness of the material. Windows and Doors are obviously included in the Kits but the Quality does vary depending on the company you purchase from, some are single glazed some double glazed with different opening and locking systems (See our Windows and Doors).

There are things that are normally added extras like roof coverings such as felt shingles and perhaps wood treatment can normally be purchased along with the building or sourced seperately by the customer.

If that all sounds a little daunting don't worry its not, most competant DIY's should be able to cope with an installation OK by using the parts list that comes with the cabin on delivery. But if you think its too much to take on, most companies, including us here at UK Log Cabins UK, can install any of our Log Cabin Kits for you.

Some Things to Check-

  • Treated floor bearers
  • Thickness of floor
  • Floor Material
  • Thickness of roof
  • Roof Material
  • Quality of Windows and Doors

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us as our freindly staff will be happy to help. You can reach us via phone, email or by filling in the form on our contact page

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Insulated Log Cabins

All of our Log Cabins- can be produced in insulated format. These are ideal as Garden Offices or if your building is going to be used all year. Our Residential Log Cabins can also be built in this way.

See more details on our Insulated Log Cabins

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